Gaza Psychological and Trauma Support

Amid the challenging circumstances in Gaza, characterized by violence and devastation, PS4L is dedicated to uplifting affected children. Through coach-led activities in Deir al-Balah and Rafah, the aim is to restore hope and alleviate the trauma endured in recent days.

The toll on children in the persistent war is severe, with bombings causing fear, living conditions lacking food and drink. Surviving children's accounts unveil a tragic reality of anxiety, pain, and distant education. Basic rights are denied by Israel, prompting dreams of peaceful, war-free lives. PS4L is dedicated to organizing activities led by trained coaches across the Gaza Strip. In Rafah,  13 activities and initiatives took place by the coach Mohammaed Abed, while Khan Younes 2 activities done by Inas Abed Al-Salam and Abu Ali Mustafa.In Addition to ,  In the central area of Gaza, specifically Deir Al-Balah, only one activity occurred  by Abu Ali-Mustafa , due to widespread displacement from the north and central regions towards the south. 

Activities art therapy sessions provide children with a creative outlet, helping them express emotions and cope with trauma through painting, drawing, and crafting. Also, Sports and recreation activities offer children a space for physical exercise and teamwork, promoting not only health but also resilience and positive social interactions in the midst of challenges.Ps4L submit an educational games tailored to the experiences of Gaza's children make learning enjoyable, providing a constructive way to distract from trauma and encourage cognitive development.Moreover, playing with dance strategies serves as therapeutic avenues for children in Gaza, allowing them to find joy and self-expression.

Testimonials :

Children in Gaza, benefiting from our organization's diverse activities, express gratitude for newfound hope and resilience. Art, sports, music, and educational pursuits are hailed for fostering joy and healing.