PS4L Empowers Healthy Lifestyles at UNRWA Amari Girls School


In a dynamic collaboration aimed at nurturing healthy habits, PS4L orchestrated an engaging event at UNRWA Amari Girls School, promoting wellness and vitality among its students and mothers. With a gathering of 140 participants, including 20 dedicated mothers and 119 eager female students, the event proved to be a resounding success.

Over three enriching hours, PS4L coordinated a series of interactive stations, each designed to impart valuable insights into the principles of holistic well-being. Guided by dedicated teachers, the participants were divided into groups and rotated through diverse activities, fostering a comprehensive understanding of health, nutrition and fitness.

Under the guidance of PS4L and teachers, students embarked on a journey of physical activity led by the energetic Physical Education teacher, Ms. Amal. Through a medley of invigorating sports and exercises, students not only embraced the joy of movement but also imbibed crucial lessons on the importance of staying active for overall well-being.

Simultaneously, PS4L's nutrition expert, Ms. Oula, captivated participants by facilitating discussions and quizzes on their learnings. Fueled by creativity and nutritional knowledge, students showcased their culinary prowess in an interactive Best Lunch Box contest, crafting wholesome and balanced meals that exemplified healthy eating habits. Meanwhile, Health Educator, Ms. Huda, engaged participants with games about the categories of food, empowering them with essential knowledge about mental, physical, and emotional wellness.
In an atmosphere buzzing with enthusiasm and unity, participants left with a fresh understanding of the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. Through the effective combination of education, physical activity, and communal dining. PS4L in cooperation with UNRWA Amari Girls School have made a lasting impression on the lives of their community members, providing them with the resources and understanding to lead vibrant, health-conscious lives.