Fund Raising Events

Palestine: Sports for Life (PS4L) organized a basketball and community walk fund raising event for Palestinian athletes to take part in the Anti-Racism World Cup (ARWC). ARWC will take place in Ireland at Donegal Celtic Fan Club,  West Belfast, from July 16th to 18th. It will be the first Palestinian youth team (6 athletes) to travel to Ireland with the help of  the town of Belfast and PS4L. 

In the basketball fund raising, competitions took place where individual contests did dunks and shootings (2 and 3-pointers). Fund raising took place in three districts within Palestine: Ramallah (Sarriyet Ramallah), Nablus (Hiteen), and Bethlehem (Catholic Action).  The community walk fund raiser took place in Ramallah – Jibya. It was great to have the director of Birzeit Municipality particitate in the community walk.