PS4L Football Students to Germany

PS4L football academy students took part in a football camp in Germany which was a life time experience for them. They learnt and developed different football skills by the best in the game, and not only that, they learnt different life skills and how to become more independent.

The 14 students age ranged from 7 to 16. The groups were divided by age and skill along with other foreign countries. The students visited FC Freiburg training in Freiburg to motivate them and see what it takes to be on a professional level. The students were also taken to EuropaLand where they sure had lots of fun.

The football training were tough and beneficial, they sure added to our football students skills.

PS4L football academy will send a group of kids every year to football camps in Germany.

The registration will be open to all starting Jan.

For more photos, you can check our football Facebook page Click Here (This page is not available on the web!)