"The stereotype of sports class has changed for me."

Abed-Alrahman Joudeh, a student at Kamal Odwan School, participated in the Hope Project, implemented by Palestine Sports for Life in partnership with Generation Amazing, Qatar Charity, Qatar Fund for Development, and the Ministry of Education.

This is what Abed Alrahman has to say about her success in the program: 

Having spent more than 10 years in education, I went through an educational period characterized by routine. The only focus on physical education classes was on teaching sports skills. There was limited opportunity for all students to engage in sports activities, as the focus was primarily on a specific group during the class. However, my participation in the Football for Development program from the beginning of the training brought something different and new for me.


 I noticed the different approach to coaching, which emphasized active participation. I also realized that through football, students could develop personal skills. Before this experience, I thought that soccer was just about playing the game, but it made me consider new aspects, particularly life skills, which, in turn, had a positive impact on my personal and professional life.


Through the sessions, especially the pre-session preparation regarding the session's objectives, I learned the language of dialogue and discussion. Particularly during the final discussionsThis was new to me, and I became capable of engaging in meaningful discussions and debates, as well as developing patience and tolerance.On the professional front, I became familiar with the concept of life skills and learned new techniques, in addition to discovering new sports and physical activities. 


This completely changed the idea of the typical & physical education class within the school. I realized that through these sessions, we could change students’ behavior and develop their personal and life skills. Football is not just a competition; it's a vast world where we can make the impossible possible.  I still have the training manual, and I aspire to further develop my skills in this field.