"I was born again and now I can overcome difficulties"

Ahmad Ramzi Qaffa, student at Assdod Elementary School for Boys. Participated in the Hope Project, implemented by Palestine Sports for Life in partnership with Generation Amazing, Qatar Charity, Qatar Fund for Development, and the Ministry of Education.

This is what Ahmad has to say about his success in the program: 

I am Ahmed Ramzi Qaffa, in the seventh grade at Ashdod School. I am a student with disabilities, born with a condition that prevents me from walking, so I use a wheelchair to get around.

In the beginning of my school life, my father placed me with students with disabilities, some of whom had issues with hearing, vision, or mobility, in a special institution. However, my father found that I could be with healthy students in a public government school. So, I joined a government school, and the beginning was tough as all the students were empathetic towards me, and everyone wanted to help me and be kind to me. I was the only one in the school in this condition. I used to see the other students playing ball and running, and I wished that I could be like them and join in the fun.
One day, the sports teacher said to me, "You will be with us in a sports program during the vacation. Here, I thought he was joking but he indeed called my father and enrolled me in the program.

At the beginning, during the first session, I felt that it was somewhat boring, and I didn't want to participate in the sessions initially because they were just about getting to know each other. I felt shy and incapable, and I didn't want to engage because I didn't know anyone in the group. This was my first experience, and before the program, I rarely left the house.

However, as I started to participate and engage with the students, I began to have fun and feel a sense of hope. I developed a positive morale through engaging in physical activities. Through communication with the students, I got to know them better, and we exchanged respect. I became more self-confident and felt capable of making changes despite the difficulties

The trainer says that they made multiple attempts to convince Ahmed to participate in the program's activities. They even had to contact his parents to explain the importance of these activities in developing his skills and personality. At first, Ahmed, being a person with mobility disabilities, was a major obstacle to his participation in the program's activities. However, he was eventually convinced, and he attended the initial meetings. 

Initially, he believed it was only about playing football, but his perspective quickly changed. He realized that playing was a way to develop skills. In the beginning, he struggled to socialize with the other students, but through defining roles and increased participation, Ahmed began to understand the importance of being a part of the group. In many cases, he became a leader in activities and supported others. His ability to express himself and form friendships improved, and gradually his self-confidence increased.