“I felt a sense of self-worth”

Yazan Al Beik, a student at Ashdod Basic School for Boys, participated in the Hope Project, which was implemented by Palestine Sports for Life in partnership with Generation Amazing, Qatar Charity, Qatar Funds for Development, and the Ministry of Education.

This is what Yazan has to say about his success in the program: 

  • I am the student Yazan Al-Beik in eighth grade at Assdud School.


I used to be introverted and didn't interact with my classmates in class because my academic performance was low, and no one seemed to care about me, neither the students nor the teachers.

I participated in the school's sports program during the summer vacation and discovered that I was skilled in football. This made me feel a sense of self-worth among my peers, and it had a positive impact on me. My self-confidence grew, and with it, my ability to communicate with other students also grew. 


Yazan was very nervous and sometimes, he used offensive language and behaved aggressively towards other children, verbally and physically. He sometimes used physical actions as a means of having fun and expressing himself. This behavior was frequent in school and the neighborhood, and even at the beginning of the program sessions. 


Therefore, most of the time, he kept to himself to avoid problems with other students. He was fearful, but by focusing on mutual respect in the sessions, and considering his football skills, he gained a strong motivation to prove himself and gradually improved. Yazan started participating happily with his classmates and developed the ability to communicate with others. He felt his self-worth. Later on, Yazan will contribute to forming a football club to further enhance his soccer skills