"I’m not nervous now”

Aisha Zaqout, a student at That Al-Sanori School, participated in the Hope Project, which was implemented by Palestine Sports for Life in partnership with Generation Amazing, Qatar Charity, Qatar Funds for Development, and the Ministry of Education.


This is what Aisha has to say about her success in the program: 

  • I am the student, Aisha Zaqout. When trainer Samah announced the sports and football training project at school, I got very excited and was encouraged to participate in the project. I love football very much because it is something new for us at school, especially for girls. However, I was surprised to find out that it's not just about football, but it goes beyond that. It aims to develop my skills along with football, which is exactly what I needed. I didn't dare to confront different opinions with my classmates before. I used to get angry quickly during activities and training with Captain. My enthusiasm grew, and many things changed quickly.


The most important change was in my personality. I became stronger through the discussions led by the trainer. I started speaking courageously about my opinion, and my ability to listen developed. This skill I didn't have previously due to my quick temper and anger. I learned that respect helps us to solve many of the problems we face during participation. I learned how to plan and engage in fair competition. It made me more active and prominent among my peers.


This positively influenced my behavior at home when dealing with my siblings, and I became more balanced. In the end, I hope there will be more attention to such activities because they are very important in our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  • The trainer says, Aisha is a unique person, passionate about learning, and outstanding in her studies. However, she used to be impulsive and quick-tempered. She always seeks to develop her skills on all levels and areas. She has great determination when she sets a goal to achieve. This greatly helped her to boost her self-confidence and clarify the concept of life skills and then problem-solving through continuous participation in activities. I constantly emphasized that playing is a way of learning and that anger doesn't produce positive results. Those observations and words had a significant impact on Aisha, and she quickly became less impulsive, controlling her reactions and expressing her talent through play.