“An initiative to become a leader”

Lamis Mohammad Bashir, a student at Khawla Bint Al-Azwar School, participated in the Hope Project, which was implemented by Palestine Sports for Life in partnership with Generation Amazing, Qatar Charity, Qatar Funds for Development, and the Ministry of Education.

This is what Lamis has to say about her success in the program: 

I began to follow the World Cup held in Qatar and got very excited. My father and brothers were enthusiastic, and I started to follow sports. Then I joined the football development project. I was very happy to meet my teammates and attend the training sessions because football, which I had watched but never played before this program, became a turning point for me.I found myself strengthening my personality and feeling important both at home and at school. 

To the point that I started participating in more school activities without fear, shyness, or tension, even in group settings. The diversity of skills and the sense of responsibility positively influenced our teamwork. I acquired these skills when I committed to training with the coach who taught us the concept of life skills,as well as various sports we practiced. I developed a strong character, the ability to express my opinions, and listen to others well. I also had the desire to take the initiative to help them solve their problems.  I occasionally assisted the coach, and this gave me a lot of self-confidence. I became a well-known and beloved personality in the school.

The coach says that she saw the passion in her eyes when she talked about watching the World Cup with her family. She was very happy to participate in football activities, especially since she had never played it before. This opportunity was like a dream to her, despite not having the necessary skills and confidence. She used to only think about not making mistakes, and this was a big illusion for her.

However, through the sessions, encouragement, and her participation, as well as being given different roles, it became clear that winning isn't everything. What's more important is that we learn from our mistakes. The most important thing is that we learn from our mistakes. In addition, the main goal of this program is us, not the ball. She gained confidence and became proactive in leading activities, which greatly boosted her self-esteem.