Ashwaq's success story in Al-Leban Al-Gharbi Girls School in the contribution with 'Sports For Life '


Ashwaq Haroun Ali Samhan, a devoted physical education teacher with 24 years of service in the Ministry of Education in Palestine, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance the school environment and instill environmental awareness among her students. This remarkable effort not only garnered admiration but also earned Ashwaq a well-deserved financial prize in recognition of her commitment and innovative approach.

 Nominated by her physical education supervisor to represent the Education Ministry of the Palestinian National Authority, Ashwaq's commitment and innovative approach earned her a victory in a competition for sports projects that served the environment, with the contribution of Sports for Life."

With enthusiasm and passion, Ashwaq initiated the project titled "My Environment, My Responsibility: From My Home to My School.  The project aimed to improve the overall school environment and create a vibrant school garden through a competitive spirit among the female students.

The school was divided into two teams, fostering camaraderie and teamwork among the students. Ashwaq, meticulously prepared trees, benches, and waste bins in advance to ensure a seamless execution of the initiative.

The students eagerly participated in a variety of competitions, spanning sports, cultural, scientific, and artistic categories. The artistic competitions focused on recycling items like plastic bottles to creatively decorate the school garden, promoting eco-friendly practices.

Throughout the competitions, Ashwaq strategically integrated environmental concepts, pollutants, and the challenges faced by the environment into the activities. The students learned valuable lessons about their role in protecting environmental resources, including the importance of conserving water consumption.

As the contests wrapped up, the victorious teams were presented with trees, benches, or other items to embellish their respective areas of the school garden. The culmination of the project led to the formation of a stunning school garden, highlighting the collaborative efforts of the students and the positive outcomes of blending sports with environmental awareness.

The team that cultivated the most aesthetically pleasing school garden received additional recognition, underscoring their commitment and creativity, with acknowledgment from Ashwaq. To motivate all participants, random prizes were distributed through a draw, creating an atmosphere of enthusiasm and celebration as the project concluded.

Ashwaq's triumphant narrative, in partnership with "Sports for Life," not only made a lasting impression on the school environment but also instilled a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness among her students. The project emerged as a role model for sustainable initiatives, underscoring the substantial impact that sports can have in nurturing a greener and more aware future.