Woroud Sawalha, A Role Model

Woroud Sawalha, a role model for Al Farouk School students, comes from Al Asira al-Shamaliya in Nablus. Woroud was the Palestinian National Athlete in the London Olympics, in 2012. She began her first steps towards her dreams by participating in school tournaments. She won many awards and trophies from tournaments, and continued her university education in the Department of Physical Education. She emerged significantly during the second semester of her first year at Al-Najah University, as she was the focus of activity and vitality, practiced daily exercises - from morning till dawn and participated in many local and international tournaments. She came first in Jordan 2011, then participated in Turkey and in a training camp in Qatar. Woroud is currently a sports education teacher, and one of PS4L’s expert trainers and certified instructor. She leads sessions on sports for development on a regular basis for girls in Sour Baher and even in her school, as she draws the attention to life-skills and how they are used in life, school, and work.

Her honorable biography was the focus of discussion before 6th grade students, and the girls were able to ask questions in her disscussion. Woroud was an inspiration for the girls to dream big and persevere.